Rwanda Village Enterprises

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Rwanda Village Enterprises is a fertile community-based organization building homes for visiting healthcare workers and local residents in Rwinkwavu, one of the poorest areas in Rwanda. 

Before RVE, it would require less than the fingers of two hands to count the number of Partners in Health  staffers who were actually living in the areas where they work. Many would traipse the countryside and drive long hours from the city (Kigali) to work at Rwinkwavu hospital.  RVE visionaries have developed a solution to this problem by creating high quality for -sale and rental housing in the area.

The housing  is affordable to a variety of income groups, including lower income households. We're invested in encouraging foreigners and villagers to live together, unforced. 


RVE believes everyone should live in quality housing. Yet, we do not stop there. We have also started a district fund to maximize the public weal: portions of the rent from all constructed homes is distributed to children in the community for school supply purchases. 

At Rwanda Village Enterprises, we have  a tactile understanding of the task at hand while also recognizing infinite possibilities for the future of Rwinkwavu.

By hiring local Rwandans to help build the homes and to serve as guards/security, we are also sending a bold reminder to the community that we support "localism". We  believe that community building should be kept close to the community and within their control, as much as possible.