Ted is a Real Estate Partner in Struever Bros Eccles and Rouse Inc., an adaptive reuse urban developer headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also President of Healthy Planet, an economic development and investment company active with Carbon Credit financing for Reforestation in Honduras, sustainable International real estate projects in Costa Rica and Mexico, Land Preservation in Canada, and urban permaculture in Brazil. He is co-founder of Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance, Baltimore Biodiesel, Real Food Farm, Big City Farm, and Baltimore Bioneers. 

Prior to co-founding RVE and moving to Rwanda, John was the Vice President of Real Estate Development at Becker+Becker Associates Inc., an integrated architecture planning and developing firm. Previously John was a developer with the Fifth Avenue Committee, a non profit affordable housing developer in NYC and the Bozzuto Group, a homebuilder and apartment development company.  John earned a Master in City & Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Bates College in Maine.

Dr. Bonds has a PHD in both economics and ecology from the University of Georgia. He joined the Harvard School of Public Health after a postdoctoral fellowship in sustainable development  under the mentorship of Jeffrey Sachs at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. His research explores relationships between ecology, infectious diseases, and economics development, with an applied focus on the role of healthcare in promoting economic growth of areas of extreme poverty. He works with Partners in Health along with the government bodies in Rwanda to measure the socioeconomic and health impacts of their health system. 

Daisy brings her legal background as a corporate and tax lawyer (Wake Forest University School of Law, J.D., magna cum laude) to developing the best structure for this project and providing ongoing diligence in legal matters. Daisy has also worked as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She believes that the health and well-being of individuals is connected to the community's environment. Throughout her life she has been personally interested in design and especially sustainable design and living. 

Ben is a MBA candidate at NYU'S Stern School of Business. He has a background in real estate development and low-income housing finance. He has worked in a number of Latin American countries and holds a Bachelor's  degree in Urban Studies from Brown University.  In 2009 Ben worked  on a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control to evaluate the effectiveness of Partners in Health's electronic medical records initiative in Rwanda. Prior to joining RVE, he worked at the National Equity Fund and the Omni Development Corporation. 

Brian is the Country Director for RVE. Before joining the organization he worked as an Associate in Real Estate Development for Michael J Stevens Investments. He brings years of experience as a certified accountant and business analyst. Brian served in the Peace Corps while based in the Republic of Georgia, where he also worked as a consultant for post-catastrophe development.
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