Frequently Asked Questions:

Rwanda Village Enterprises' staff members have backgrounds in real estate, finance, urban planning, law and a variety of social entrepreneurial start-up companies.  In their careers as real estate developers, Ted and John have developed thousands of housing units in historic rehabilitation, urban mixed-use and LEED Platinum projects.

Our interest in Rwinkwavu originates from relationships with individuals associated with PIH. Upon hearing about the housing shortage in Rwinkwavu from our friends and family, we decided to work together in Rwanda to extend our professional commitments to community development, green building and affordable housing.

Because of its stability, economic growth potential and well developed land policies, Rwanda is a logical place to start a new real estate business.  In Rwanda, we seek to learn to as much as possible and grow a business that will eventually be owned and operated by Rwandans.  In the meantime, we understand that we can only be successful by partnering with local designers, government officials and community members.

Rwinkwavu Homes project is located in and around the existing Umudugudu (Village) of Rwinkwavu. The first five houses – the “Model Homes” - will be constructed on an approximately ½ hectare property. It is an attractive, gently sloping site that affords excellent views of the valley. We are also seeking title to much larger plots of land located between the umudugudu and the hospital complex, and between the main road into Rwinkwavu and the umudugudu. These areas are labeled as Phase 1, Phase 2A and Phase 2B on the site plan below.  If we are able to obtain this land from the District Council, and the models prove to be successful, we will build dozens of new homes. Finally, we are exploring opportunities to build new housing in other locations, including Kaborondo and Butaro.