Our Mission

Rwanda Village Enterprises, Ltd. builds houses that will be available to purchase or lease, and will include features such as compost toilets, modern kitchens and bathrooms, rainwater harvesting, and skylightsRecognizing that poor housing conditions are a root cause of disease and premature death among the poor, we seek to construct houses that help promote good health.  This means roofs and foundations that do not leak, proper ventilation, screened windows and ventilation blocks, non-wood burning cooking, and more. Our goals are: 

Community enhancement – To enhance the quality of life for all members of the Rwinkwavu community through town planning and the exceptional design of community facilities.  This could include a market center, town plaza, retail stores or community buildings.

Economic growth and poverty reduction – To foster the retention of wealth within Rwinkwavu Sector; to generate increased tax revenue; to create jobs related to carpentry, construction and infrastructure development; to create new venues for commerce; to promote home ownership as a means of household saving, wealth creation and stability; to increase the property values of existing homes and land without expropriation; to provide infrastructure improvements.

Local capacity building – To develop local design, carpentry and construction expertise as a permanent industry; to facilitate the dissemination of low-cost housing solutions, equipment, and technology to individuals interested in building on land they already own or in improving existing homes; to provide home ownership training; to catalyze growth and provide a model rural village for future development projects in the Sector and throughout Rwanda.

Health promotion – To advance public health by improving the quality of homes and enhancing the hospital’s and PIH’s ability to attract and retain talent in Rwinkwavu.

Environmental sustainability – To use local and renewable construction materials, rainwater harvesting, bio-gas generation, composting toilets and other earth-friendly technologies; to serve as a model community for sustainability.

Creation of a replicable housing development model – To create a comprehensive mixed-income housing solution that leverages the strength of existing employers such as the Ministry of Health and can serve as a model for future developments undertaken elsewhere in Rwanda and the region.

We create compelling new housing options in Rwinkwavu.  This means houses that are of good quality, functional design, durable, and well ventilated and lit.  All of the houses will contain basic features such as electricity, rainwater harvesting, ceilings, stone foundations, compressed stabilized earth blocks walls, and covered outdoor areas.  Depending on the amount of money that purchasers and renters are willing to spend, the houses could also include modern kitchens and bathrooms, skylights, stone floors, furnishings and hot water.

We deliver homes that are a good value for your money.  While it may not be possible for us to build houses for less money than you could build one for yourself, we will to take advantage of our experience and collaborations with design professionals and local construction experts to deliver houses that will impress.  While overseeing the construction of your own home can be satisfying, it also can be aggravating and extremely time consuming.  Purchasing or renting a newly constructed home saves you time and a few headaches! We’ll offer houses that compliment different household types and lifestyles.  Therefore, there will be houses designed for families, single people and unrelated persons sharing a house.  In addition, recognizing how common it is for households to rent out rooms, or operate small businesses out of their homes, some of the homes will include areas designed for these activities.  Finally, there will be houses available at various price points, so that people with different incomes may be able to afford one.  For example, there could be houses available for as little as 7,500,000 rwf, which means monthly payments of approximately 57,500 rwf (the exact amount depends on mortgage terms and other factors).